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We check applications through our forums and choose who we believe is best fit for staff. We are nonbias and determine all situations based on evidence rather than witnesses. We examine every report professionally and thoroughly.

Why us

We are a community that wants to set a standard for what a good server is and are putting all our efforts into making this a reality. We use top quality servers (VPS) rather than those cheap 20 dollar game servers. Our goals are to provide you with the best gaming experience with as little restrictions as possible.


We use high-quality grade servers to ensure there is no lag and less downtime as possible.

Official Never Stop Gaming

Members: 45
Members Online: 11
Members In-game: 0

Our servers

Poopsock's PoliceRP |Fast Load Times

Players: 0 / 64
Map: rp_rockford_livin
Gamemode: PoliceRP

Never Stop Gaming SCPRP | No VIP | Semi-Serious

Players: 0 / 64
Map: rp_nsg_site69_v2
Gamemode: SCP-RP DarkRP |Fast Loading | Hats

Players: 0 / 128
Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2
Gamemode: DarkRP

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Unturned Manager

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