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  Player Report Format
Posted by: Quang | neverstopgaming.co - 11-21-2018, 12:16 PM - Forum: Player Reports - No Replies

Player's in-game name:

Player's SteamID:

Reason for report:


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  Trial Admin
Posted by: Cleveland Brown - 11-20-2018, 10:04 AM - Forum: Accepted - Replies (3)

In-game Name: Cleveland Brown

Steamid: STEAM_0:0:141872821

Rank you are applying for: Trial Admin

How long have you played on our server? 19 hours

Why should you become staff:  I have honestly never enjoyed a server as much as NSG, and plan to stick around for as long as its here. Id like to be able to improve the server in any way possible and help as much as I am capable of, therefore I am applying for trial admin. I think with my apt leadership and enthusiasm to learn I will benefit the server immensely. From the time I first joined to now, I have learned many of the commands and server regulations. And with a little more information I believe ill be set. 

Misc info (If any): My skills include but are not limited to: Leadership, Charismatic, Good listener, Retains information well, Excellent communication skills, Tech-savvy, Mature, Situation handling.

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  Update 11/18/2018
Posted by: Gordon - 11-18-2018, 08:43 AM - Forum: Changelogs - No Replies

Me & Quang have been working hard the last few days on the latest update that went live this morning. 

  • Fading Doors: Access Granted Time defaults to 5 Seconds
  • Keypads: Now Nocollide so you don't run into them when your fading door opens
  • Vehicles are no longer able to be able to be toolgunned
  • All Staff Members (besides moderator) can now whitelist for any job. (mod is ofc and snr)
  • Vehicle tires should no longer pop when they are spawned
  • New State Trooper Dealer.
  • Max Textscreens set at 5 to prevent spam
  • Multiple Models added to the blacklist
  • Mayor gets demoted on death. 
  • Numerous backend changes.
  • Huge backend optimization
  • Numerous staff changes. 
  • Ranks changed.
  • New Forum Sync system that syncs ranks between the forums and the server. Players will also now get a Money reward for registering an account on the forums.
  • New Rewards System:
  • You now get rewards, for having neverstopgaming.co in your steam name, for being a part of the steam group, for being a member of the discord and as a daily reward. 
  • New Jobs: Security Guard, Mercenary. They are able to be hired by somebody by doing !hire and must remain within a certain distance to get there payday. 
  • Job Updates:
  • FBI Jobs loadouts to included handcuffs, and a pistol & Stun Gun
  • New Inventory system that replaces the pocket, this was a major complaint and we have responded. 
  • New Hit System, You may now request a hit by doing !hit
  • New Hat System, You are now able to buy hats by doing !hats and pay in rp cash.
  • New Slots throughout spawn for those of us who love gambling
  • C4  Smile (blows up doors and fading doors)
  • Jail Positions should have been fixed now, so you don't spawn in the middle of the room. 
  • Disguise system
  • Shelves for gun dealers to easily make shops and sell guns/items. 
  • Some of the settings will be tweaked and you may discuss the changes below. 
PS: Event tonight 9:00 PM EST be on the server and in discord.

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  Admin application
Posted by: Cleveland Brown - 11-17-2018, 11:02 PM - Forum: Denied - Replies (2)

In-game Name: Cleveland Brown

Steamid: Cleveland Brown

Rank you are applying for: ADMIN

How long have you played on our server? 11 hours and 40 minutes

Why should you become staff: I really enjoy the server and helping in every way.

Misc info (If any):

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  11/15/18 Update
Posted by: Quang | neverstopgaming.co - 11-15-2018, 05:07 PM - Forum: Changelogs - No Replies

  • All CP have been added to the rest of the police gear (finelist, handcuffs, etc)
  • Police trunks and roadblocks with a sign have been added
  • Mob boss and his gangsters were removed, and the MAFIA will now take his place
  • People no longer spawn with cameras
  • respawn command added
  • sitrooms were added/fixed
  • backend optimization
  • Q menu changes for superadmins
  • Ammo now costs 200 dollars
  • In-game donation system added
Further discussion about these changes can be placed below.

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  Police Training Guide
Posted by: Quang | neverstopgaming.co - 11-14-2018, 11:25 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

All Government Official jobs MUST be in discord. You must set your discord name to your in-game name.

Police Car Codes
  • Code 1 (Lights, no sirens) - Used for minimal things such as traffic stops
  • Code 2 (Lights, no sirens) - Used for more important things, such getting to another officer faster if they request backup
  • Code 3 (Lights and sirens) - Used for the utmost importance. Used for situations where another persons life is in danger, or if someone is running away from the police. 
  • Wail/Yelp can be used whenever necessary
  • Priority can be used when it is code 3, but if it is used, it may only be code 3 lights.
Bank Robberies
  • The S.W.A.T. team has priority over bank robberies, raids, and hostage situations if they deem it necessary.
  • You may refuse to listen to your higher ups, however they may demote you (if they are allowed too) and if deemed necessary.
  • Remember to block off the roads during a police robbery, placing out barrels and signs.
  • Always have someone re-directing traffic during the bank robberies.
(Most Used) Radio Codes
  • 10-4 : Affirmative/Understood
  • 10-9 : Repeat/Say again
  • 10-12 : Stand by
  • 10-17 : (Currently) En-route
  • 10-18 : Urgent
  • 10-20 : Location?
  • 10-22 : Disregard (what [I] previously said)
  • 10-28 : Vehicle Information?
  • 10-38 : Stopping suspicious vehicle
  • 10-43: In pursuit.
  • 10-45 : Bank alarm
  • 10-80 : Chase in progress
When to use Lethal Force
  • When a suspect threatens the lives of others (shooting at civilians when not in self defense, shooting at other officers or yourself)
  • Use a tazer when: Person is resisting arrest (running away). When someone has their hands up, you should not taze them.


  • Please use common sense when arresting people (Don't jail someone for 15 minutes for refusing a small fine or something)
  • Maximum jail times can only be given during bank robberies and mayor assassinations.
  • If someone is escaping the police and the want wears off, you may still chase them. Once all the policemen have lost sight of the suspect, he can no longer be arrested.
  • To place someone in a vehicle, handcuff them, press E on them, then unlock your car and right click the car. To get them out right click the car again.

  • Most of the common fines are under their categories
  • Custom fines should only be given if necessary.
  • Remember to change your name to your job role. (e.x. OFC Bob)
  • When in discord, your discord name must represent your in-game name if you are a government official channel.

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  Update 11/14/2018
Posted by: Gordon - 11-14-2018, 01:44 AM - Forum: Changelogs - No Replies

This update is way late but here it is:

New Loading Screen
Sheriffs Office Faction
State Troopers Faction
New Car Skins for new factions
Mafia Faction
Mafia Skins
Admin Detective Job - Basically admin on duty job. 
New Money Printers

Nominations for Mafia have been updated so make sure to nominate anybody that you feel fit to run the mafia.

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  New Loading Screens
Posted by: Gordon - 11-14-2018, 01:40 AM - Forum: Community Announcements - No Replies

New Loading Screens have been added for all 3 servers. We are looking for submissions of Screenshots to be the loading screen images for the server. You can comment them here or submit them on the discord server. In game rewards will be given to those who submitted accepted images. 

Thanks for everyone's support so far.

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  The Baddlication
Posted by: Katsumotos Rage - 11-11-2018, 08:48 PM - Forum: Accepted - Replies (2)

In-game Name:
OFC Jem 1K81
Rank you are applying for:
How long have you played on our server?
Currently 1 hr 16m 30s, I plan to play daily for at least 5 hours.
Why should you become staff:
I am very mature, and very skilled as I have owned, managed, and been staff on literally at least a hundred servers over the past approximately 7-8 years of me playing garry's mod.  I have played every gamemode from DarkRP, TTT, Murder, Prop Hunt, PoliceRP, Breach, SCPRP, Sandbox, SWRP, MilitaryRP, to be honest I could go on for years.  I have been staff in all of the ones I have mentioned above, and owner in most of them.  I have hundreds of hours of experience with developing and owning various game servers, such as Rust, Gmod, Unturned, TF2, Minecraft, Roblox.  I am willing to show my loyalty through any tests what-so-ever.  If I am fired, I will work even harder to be able to re-earn my rank and prove to everyone that I deserve the rank I am given, and prove everyone that doubted me wrong.  Honestly I wish to be staff on this server so that I could easily rid it of the horrid staff issues that it is currently having, as I believe that I would easily be able to do so.
Misc info (If any):
Please keep in mind that I am an asshole at times.  I have multiple personality disorder and it will show.  Honestly I am a simple and plain man, if I say I will do something, you bet your ass I will. -P.S. I didn't try when I made this application, so if someone can't match at least this.. They are horrible.

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  Nominations for GodFather
Posted by: Gordon - 11-11-2018, 08:43 PM - Forum: Mafia - Replies (4)

We are now opening nominations for Godfather, leader of the Mafia Faction. If you would like to nominate somebody please comment with their in game name. Nominations for this position will end in a week on November 18th, 2018 at 12 Noon and elections to follow shortly after.

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