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Staff Application for friends
My in game name is friends

My steamed is STEAM_0:1:220028060

the rank I'm applying for is Moderator 

I have been playing for 15 hours

I want to become staff because when people disobey NLR it just sucks because in roleplay you don't know where the suspect is if you died. Also I hate when a random player fires at you for now reason.
Fun to play with, but the application is short. I have played with friends many times, and never had a bad expeirence with him. I wouldnt be aginst him being a MOD as i dont think he would abuse his power. He has played for 15 hours wich juding by other applications that isn't to bad. i would like seeing friends as a staff member.
Would have liked to have had this application been longer. I would like to give you a chance, however you would need to be trained by a member of management. +support
Founder of Never Stop Gaming
Always willing to lend a hand.
I'm gonna deny this, you were mic spamming the other day and haven't been active much since then. That and I keep getting messages on how this application was made and how I should go check it out.


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