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Staff Forms
In-game Name:AlecMI


Rank you are applying for:Admin

How long have you played on our server?49mins

[b]Why should you become staff:
[b] [/b]Why should you choose me? because i have a lot of experience with serious role play (this is a hard thing to do because everything is serious and you dont have to advert everything you do there are more reasons to kill someone so this basically ment that i needed to check the logs and make sort of a story out of am wich i could trace) also have i been (as i said) a super admin on another PoliceRP server wich unfortiunally died because the owner decided that he did not want to spend any more money. i am also really helpfull to other people i listen to both side of the story and then check the logs for what really happened i give them a punishment that is reasonable with the "rule(s)" they broke. i can also be kind and forgiving to people and let them get away with a verbal but if they do it a second time they sort of break my trust and then i will punish them. 
ok so you have about 60 min, you cant apply for admin till you apply for moderator, and i like how long your why should you become stsff section but with only 60 min you dont have enought experice with the sever. I am not confedent you know all of the rules or met most of the pepole who play on this sever. You arnt even whitelisted for any jobs yet. I wount like to see you on staff just yet.
Didn’t read the format or requirements. This is denied
Founder of Never Stop Gaming
Always willing to lend a hand.
I know this is closed already, but the first 20 minutes you were on were rdming and LTAPing lol.

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