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Hello! - Don Cassano - 04-25-2021

Dear newcomers and old Div and pre-Div D3ers. 

I am Andre Mcsquierrel alias Don Cassano, long time veteran of Div and D3, with approximately 3k+ hours at the time of collapse of our dream server. It was all made the worse by the fact that the server we all came to adore and enjoy, the server that gave us a change of pace from the usual 5861326 servers with thousands of skins, guns, pointless jobs and VIP classes, did go down during the time I was away in Army and unable to get a proper goodbye. 
As such it brings me great pleasure to see a server that tries to restart Div's memory, and bring back the amazing GMod experience. Let's just hope this works and prospers as Div did! 

Andre Mcsquierrel

RE: Hello! - [NSG] Gordon - Join Me! - 04-25-2021

Welcome Home McSquirrel

RE: Hello! - Don Cassano - 04-26-2021

> Still getting called a squirrel

Aight imma head out