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Popular Teams - Shadow Child - 12-26-2021

Your Name: RedstoneMech18

Your Steamid:76561198318104351
Your suggestion: You should make more teams that are on popular Police RP Servers, examples of what I mean




Retro Miner

And like my other suggestion: FBI for a Police-Type team

These are very popular and may get more people on your server. IF not, then you just have more teams for your current players. Either way its a win win.

RE: Popular Teams - [NSG] Gordon - Join me - 01-02-2022

We've had mining in the past and other people have also mentioned it. As for moonshiners. We could probably implement that into the Bartender job that we already have in place on the server. Old Police/Government jobs that we had before will probably be making a come back in a near future update

RE: Popular Teams - [NSG] Quang - 01-05-2022

Not sure what moonshining is, but bartender received his thing to make moonshine according to Gordon.

Mining job will be reintroduced in the future, but it's a little hard to balance the economy around that.

Not sure what your other suggestion is meant to be.

This will be closed.