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12/28/18 changelog
Due to the server rollback because Gordon goofed, here are the updated changelogs for the server.
  • Double or nothing is 2500
  • Slots stay at 1000
  • Management logs now push to discord
  • superadmins can only use the context menu (weapons that use attachments are fine)
  • VIP Printers can now print faster with the purchasable upgrade, default and vip printers now print more money, decrease upgrade now cost 2k but decreases time by 20 seconds.
  • the baton does 15 damage
  • daily rewards were changed in terms of rewards
  • materials now moved to building tools
  • all CP are added to /call
  • text icons were added with custom icons and were fixed (I accidently added the text icon to mic and vise versa)
  • custom Drugs with custom effects to each of them
  • the sniper rifle was removed from the hitman
  • wanted was removed
  • secret administrative commands
  • double jump was removed
  • radio was removed
  • custom climb swep added
  • custom pimphand added
  • Curtime + 10s delay for right click sound for the middle finger

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