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1/1/19 Changelogs
  • donation system was updated and sales removed
  • snow removed from webpage
  • all police can use /call for assistance/waypoints
  • Fixed up the swat jobs
  • bail price significantly increased
  • New SWAT vehicle
  • only swat can warrant
  • hats are cheaper for vips and staff
  • SWAT doorgroup added
  • swat added to gov doors
  • swat now spawn with armor
  • swat was given better guns + flash/smokes
  • Changed the tazer message to "You have been tazed and can no longer resist" in red/black
  • fixed an include ("filename") console error message because the file didn't exist
  • significantly increased shipment prices
  • Adjusted csgo knive(s) damages
  • re-adjusted car dealers
  • fixed spawns for ton of jobs because of the map switch
  • ability/command to temporarily add person to said rank for certain amount of time

Map + optimization

Map update
  • spinny road where it use to be straight near bank
  • movie cinema removed and is replaced with the PD jail.
  • its really really bright so I might fix that with editing the map if I can or an addon, idk.
  • shadows shouldnt spazz out anymore
  • FPS should be better
  • removed the gates for both PD's
  • normal PD now shocks you for damage when touching the wire/fences
  • normal PD elevator removed and its cells. PD will spawn here
  • Cars are no longer restricted by a limited speed.
  • cw 2.0 only downloads materials
  • knives now download materials only

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