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How to fix Missing textures | Keep timing out? read me
---Missing Textures and Error signs---
Seeing Missing textures? (Black and pink boxes) See giant error signs that glow? Follow the instructions below to get rid of most of these.
Do note that some servers have custom textures and you still may see missing textures, although you shouldn't. If you see error signs still, it will be the servers fault as they did not force download their addons onto you, or they are missing materials/models on their server. If you don't know what this means don't worry about it. If you see errors or missing textures it's no longer your fault.

1. Download and uncheck "Transfer with Mega App"!aIYHRYgS!z7ASATWZaxfki...VYvOwZqqTM
2. Take the .rar file and move it to Program Files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/gmod/gmod/addons
3. Extract the CSContent.rar (You can use winrar [] or 7zip [])
4. Delete CSContent.rar
5. Restart Gmod and join our server.

---Timing Out?---
Keep timing out trying to connect to our server? Try these steps
1. Close Garry's Mod, go to steam, and right click Gmod
2. Click Properties and go to Betas
3. Switch to one of the assigned Beta modes and try to reconnect
4. If you are using any sort of cheats, these will time you out or even automatically ban you.
5. If you are still timing out uninstall all of your addons and try again

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